ACA Insurance

PT Asuransi Central Asia, or better known as the ACA established on August 29, 1956. Until now, the ACA has played an integral role in the development of the Indonesian economy. To this day, the ACA continues the tradition for more than 53 years to contribute to the world economy of Indonesia, especially insurance and general insurance.

Our protection is your comfort

In addition to conventional business carried on by the company , ACA has entered into micro insurance with a broad distribution network , which is able to reach people in remote archipelago . With lower premiums , simple but definite assurance .

Currently , the ACA has had assets of Rp 3,139 trillion , 59 branches and representative offices spread throughout Indonesia , 1 ( one ) unit based in Jakarta Islamic and employs approximately 1,300 people . As of December 2009 capital owned by the ACA to reach Rp 2.2 trillion and the value of RBC ( Risk Based Capital ) 264.47 %, far exceeding the minimum limit of 120 % according to government regulations .

One of the most significant success of the ACA is successfully implementing the right technology system , especially in the distribution of after-sales services and retail products .

In running a business , the ACA has sought to create a strong management team and professionals who work based on the principles of good corporate governance .

The Company is committed to providing the best protection backed by the best service as well . In addition , ACA always strive to be a company that is trustworthy and can bring comfort to its customers . This is consistent with the company 's motto " We are Your Convenience Protection " .


Being a professional insurance company that is reliable, able to grow sustainably, and recognized both domestically and internationally.


∞ be a company that has a healthy financial performance.
∞ Known as a responsible company.
∞ Known as the company that has a good working environment so as to appreciate employees and made ​​a part of the company's employees.
∞ And that is primarily known as a company that is capable of providing high-quality service to its customers.


ACA Motor Assistance was provided to the Special Service Vehicle Insurance products Otomate . Aca Motor Assistance to help you overcome a stalled car or accident that happened on the road . By contacting ACA Motor Assistance , we immediately come to help you . Our services include :

Emergency repairs

If your car had an accident or damage to the machine while it is being driven , ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE will contact the nearest service station to send a mechanic to repair the damage. ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE will bear the cost of repairs up to Rp.300.000 , - per event ( not including parts replacement ) .


If your car accident or engine failure while driving and the damage can not be repaired on the spot immediately , ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE will arrange towing the car to the nearest garage or repair shop of your choosing or to your residence and pay the cost up to Rp.300.000 , - per occurrence .

Car Replacement

When a car accident you should be fixed for more than 48 hours since the car arrived at the garage , ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE will arrange and pay for the provision of a replacement car . This assistance will end if your car has been repaired or the cost of providing a replacement car has
reached up to 5 x 24 hours .


If your car accident ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE will arrange and pay for an ambulance to transport the driver and or passengers were injured in the vehicle to the nearest hospital .

General information

MOTOR ASSISTANCE ACA also provides address information and phone numbers hospitals , police stations and official workshops . So , if you experience a disaster , immediately call the 24- hour service Aca Motor Assistance ( phone number listed on a sticker that is listed in your car ) , then give the following information : Name and number / ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE period you
Type of vehicle and license plate number of the vehicle. Scene and if possible contact phone number .
Location and phone numbers if your car repair shop has been towed to the repair shop without the help of ACA MOTOR ASSISTANCE . Explanation quick emergency conditions experienced and the type of assistance required.


As corporate social responsibility towards the community , the ACA has a variety of social programs . Some of them are internship programs , play an active role in the activities of Insurance Goes to Campus ( IGTC ) . Internship Program is an educational program designed to produce employees who are able to support the improvement of the quality of both the company and the National Insurance Industry . While IGTC is human resource development efforts literate Indonesian insurance , the insurance industry through the introduction of educational institutions ranging from high schools and universities .

In addition, the ACA has also launched a micro insurance products that can reach all levels of society both price and ease of purchase . Some of them are insurance Dengue ( ADB ) , Pas Homecoming and so forth . Of activities undertaken by the ACA in the CSR program , in 2010 the company has gained CSR Award from Daily SINDO .

To maintain business continuity and growth of the company , the ACA has given a commitment to customers to get the best service . The commitment is realized through the improvement of the organizational structure that promotes customer satisfaction , extensive and convenient network , evaluation and measurement of customer satisfaction and customer service 24 hours .

ACA is committed to implementing corporate governance ( GCG ) as an attempt to create a successful business . This is necessary given the risks and challenges faced by this industry is increasing. In addition, the implementation of GCG is a form of obedience to the Law firm . 40 of 2007 on limited liability , PP. 39 of 2008 concerning the second amendment of PPNo . 73 of 1992 regarding business insurance .

Corporate Governance embodied in :
1. The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors .
2. Completeness and performance of duties committees and work units that perform the function of    the bank 's internal controls .
3. Implementation of compliance , internal auditors and external auditors .
4. Application of risk management , including the internal control system .
5. The company's strategic plan.
6. Transparency of financial condition .

As for optimizing the implementation of Good Corporate Governance , ACA strengthening infrastructure , internal restructuring , process improvement and internal control functions , adjustment and renewal systems and procedures necessary to support the implementation of Good Corporate Governance effective .