Five Tips on Choosing Insurance

Legs are a valuable asset to a football player. So valuable, David Beckham is willing to insure her legs valued at $ 70 million or around Rp 700 billion. The choice is fairly precise because the limbs become a source of income to support him and his family. What about you?

Here is a tip for you to choose the right insurance that suits your needs:

1. So many types of insurance offered insurance agent. But keep in mind, not all insurance products need to have. Everyone has a different financial situation so that the need for insurance products was not necessarily the same. So, must not buy. Know your product first.

2. Not just choose the type of insurance should be considered, but also choose the policy of any of insurance products. Please read carefully policy clause that truly understand the cost and the protection to be obtained. Often an error occurs, the protection of the chosen policy was less ends meet, or otherwise, exceed the requirements so vain.

3. For
though the same type of insurance, the premium value offered between an insurance company with other different, or known as company policy. Choose which offers the insurance and similar services, but the value is quite competitive premiums.

4. Note the main cause of the risk. Insurance companies will only reimburse claims for damages caused by factors that have been agreed. For example, not all types of medical health insurance borne diseases because there are some exceptions.

5. Observe the insurance company track record, whether it has been registered in the Ministry of Finance or not (check That's a strategy to detect whether its quality is healthy enough to be able to serve customers' claims. Many cases customers are disappointed because it is difficult to claim that they are entitled. Be careful, inadequate services such as insurance agents who do not understand or can not explain the products offered often occur, which result in customer harm