Kinds of Insurance and its Legal

Various Kinds of Insurance

Business Insurance Business insurance is insurance where the insurer separately with insurance beneficiary. He bring about the agreement with the insurance recipients as a substitute for a fixed mortgage. Ie by way of an agreement with the majority of people are dealing with things dangerous with the promise of giving them some cash as compensation for each member of the hazards have included a list of the insured. The giver and receiver of insurance in this case is in the party. If there is more than the amount of premiums paid to the insurance, then the insurance company has it, the parties bear their own insurance.

Collective Insurance Also referred to as a reciprocal insurer or insurance co-operative. A kind of insurance where the insurance provider and the recipient of insurance services in the same party as the insurance manager. The trick is to hold the covenant with a number of people who used to dealing with dangerous things with a commitment to give them some cash as compensation for any member who has been affected by the hazards included in the list of tang-insurance dependents. The donor and recipient insurance in this case is in the party. If the amount of premiums paid to the insurance company more than the amount to be deposited, the excess will be given to the emphasis accept other insurance services. If not, they were all asked to cover it up. They did not attempt to obtain profits through the insurance business, even to alleviate their losses sometimes experienced, cooperation was rotated through its members.

Social insurance can sometimes be the social insurance. That is usually done by the government with the aim of providing insurance for the future of its people. That is partly by cutting the salaries of the employees and workers. And at the end of their period of devotion, they were given a fixed monthly pension. If he had an accident because of work, he was also given the cost of treatment in addition to adequate compensation.

Judging from the dangers of the insured, insurance is divided into several sections:

Hazard insurance: insurance against property that is owned. Ie if the hazard associated with the insured property is not person. Such as fire insurance, theft insurance, travel insurance and marine like.

Life insurance. Insurance that is related to the danger of the insured person, such as life insurance, accident
insurance, sickness insurance and the like.

Insurance guarantee are justified,  insurance to the person receiving the insurance. Insurance Law

First: business insurance law Anyone who examines this issue, almost never heard the term insurance business in a variety of explanations of previous scholars. Because they have never known insurance in the form it is today in the Islamic world than in the thirteenth century Hijriyah.

The first time this issue was discussed in Ibn Abidin al-Hasyiyah there he distinguishes between the insurance in force in the Islamic lands with existing marine insurance in war countries. The first is the indemnity agreement was broken, because that should not require collateral. While the second is that there is no legal agreement.

Many people today are contemporary scholars have challenged discuss insurance issues The conclusion is that the business of insurance business is illegitimate, because it contains an element, gambling and usury with two species at once; usury with riba nasi'ah Fadhal. In fact there is also an element of wealth by unlawful taking and requires things that are not required by law.

While insurance cooperative (mutual help) and social insurance, both permissible, because of the essentially voluntary donations. Things that are unforgivable voluntary contributions, other things that are compensated. then sticking various Islamic insurance company that was founded on the basis of mutual help thinking charity, in lieu of the ideas that formed the basis of compensation by different insurance companies that exist.

On this occasion the author will  decision of the Council of  Ulema Rabithah ending up in al-Alam al-Islami around the issue of insurance:

Alhamdulillah. Terlimpahkan may prayers and peace to the Prophet, his companions and those who follow his guidance. Amma ba'du:

Indeed Fiqh Council of Ulema at his first meeting held by the 10th of Sha'ban, 1398 AD in Makkah al-Mukarramah in central Rabithah al-Alam al-Islami me scouring the various kinds of insurance problems are manifold, after studying the the scholars in these issues, and also after seeing Kibaril Ulema Council decision in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a meeting to ten in Riyadh dated 4/4/97 M, with the decree number 55, on the prohibition of Business Insurance with various kinds.