Third Millennia Heatlh Insurance

The key team members in Third Millennia Health (TMH) and Vivilate have worked with the worlds most respected Health Insurance providers for over 20 years.  The Directors of our companies have unparalleled experience across the spectrum of elements that comprise the cardinal areas of importance in developing a truly professional and innovative Health Insurance company.

With the introduction of Third Millennia Health (TMH) we are proud to offer a range of insurance plans specifically designed to reflect the unique conditions and respond to the challenges in Bali, around Indonesia and other parts of Asia, whilst being completely effective world wide

Our International Underwriters are the worlds largest Health Insurers. Our local Underwriters Dayin Mitra are Indonesia’s second largest Insurers of 96 in the country with whom we have a decade long relationship Reinsured by AXA one of the world’s largest health insurance companies, in conjunction with Vivilate Singapore, Third Millennia Health has developed personalised insurance plans for all budgets.

The AXA group, who serve more than 90 million clients in over 60 countries intends to reinforce its growth in the years ahead by building its presence in emerging markets. TMH is unique we are the only company that has bespoke products in the health Insurance arena in our area. Our reputation for personal service and regional knowledge developed over twenty plus years convinced our international underwriters to sanction our personalised approach.

With new levels of service and innovative approaches we are able to go beyond the benefits of the policies by offering a truly personalised service when you need it most. The challenges facing the health industry world wide in the 21st Century are demanding and require health insurance providers to deal with issues in an appropriate and succinct manner relevant to the region they are working in.

Our members appreciate the immediate responses they receive to their enquiries from our regional offices and emergency response officers in Bali and Singapore. You deserve the security of being reinsured by one of the world’s largest recognized health Insurer’s; the global outreach provides relevant responses no matter where you may be.

Third Millennia Health has instigated a unique medical insurance service proposition that ensures that our clients receive personal service that is not available with any other medical insurance product in Bali, Indonesia & Asia.

The most important core element when dealing with unexpected serious medical problems in Indonesia is the Emergency Assistance Provider service. Our 24 Hour Emergency Assistance offices are run by AXA, the offices are in Singapore and part of a worldwide network. Multi lingual staff will respond and co-ordinate with hospitals and arrange evacuation if that is required.

Over the last twenty years it has become apparent that often the problems people are confronted with in Indonesia are not always emergencies, but issues that require advice on where to go and who to see.

- The advice and assistance service we have developed ensures that while living in Bali, Indonesia and      SE Asia your safety is prioritized.

- We have 24 hour professional help lines in your time zone, with people that speak your language.

- By facilitating medical decisions in the region we take into account the limitations of regional medical     facilities :

- are able to guide you to the best medical options
- have shortened response times significantly
- will ensure that you get to the most appropriate medical facilities in the area
- can monitor your situation effectively and take appropriate action
- are able to provide considerably shorter response times in medical emergencies
- have extensive medical networks around the region for your safety
- can initiate emergency evacuations immediately, working closely with the Third Party Assistance         company can assist in making important decisions in minutes rather than hours.
  We have been active in South East Asia for over 20 years facilitating solutions for medical                   emergencies and routine health issues.

Health Tips by Third Millennia :

How do GMO’s affect your body and what to do to stop the damage

The chances that are you are routinely ingesting genetically modified organisms (GMOs) without even knowing it are increasing daily And unless you take the
time to regularly detoxify these unnatural poisons, they may be building up inside your body and triggering alterations in your natural gene expression.

This is why it is vitally important to regularly cleanse and detoxify your body of transgenic materials
that may be damaging the natural flora balance in your gut, as well as poisoning your blood, causing gastrointestinal upset, and triggering neurological damage, among other conditions. Here are five natural supplements you can use to help detoxify your body of harmful GMOs, and ultimately restore a healthy balance to your mind and body.

1) Psyllium husk. Known for its incredible colon-cleansing effects, psyllium husk is a favorite when it comes to cleansing protocols that involve flushing the intestines and restoring healthy digestive function. Since GMOs have been shown to directly alter the bacterial balance within the gut, psyllium husk is a powerful remedy to help rid the gut of these transgenic invaders, which will in turn allow beneficial bacteria to regain their rightful place as regulators of the digestive system.
Individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, indigestion, and other persistent digestive disorders typically experience dramatic relief by supplementing with psyllium husk. When ingested along with copious amounts of water, psyllium husk expands into a gelatin-like mass that basically scrubs the intestines clean of toxic buildup. This same colonic action can also help rid the digestive system of accumulated transgenic materials as well

2) Organic sulfur/MSM. When it comes to ensuring that the liver is operating at its full detoxification capacity, there is perhaps no nutrient more powerful than organic sulfur, which is also known as methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). A critical component indetxification energy production, cell oxygenation, and immune capacity, organic sulfur has gained “near miracle” status among many health professionals who now recognize how a lack of this vital nutrient can encourage toxic buildup within the body
Organic sulfur used to be present throughout the food supply before the days of GMOs, petrochemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, and other “modern” agricultural interventions — but today, it is severely lacking throughout the food supply. Supplementing with organic, lignan-based sulfur crystals will help repair your malfunctioning cells, restore healthy oxygen transport, and ultimately facilitate a systemic detoxification process that will encourage the elimination of GMO remnants from your system.

3) Probiotics. Since GMO”stend to alter bacterial balance within the gut, supplementing with probiotics and probiotic-rich foods — these include things like raw sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha tea, authentic miso soup, fermented vegetables, yogurt, and blue-green micro-algae — is absolutely vital for protecting your  body against the harmful effects of GMO exposure. In conjunction with the other cleansing protocols mentioned here, supplementing with high-quality probiotics will help ensure that your digestive tract remains free of toxins. (

4) Cascara sagrada/sacred bark. One of the most powerful known colon-cleansing herbs, cascara sagrada, which also goes by the names of sacred bark, California buckthorn, and rhamnuspurshiana, has long been used by ancient cultures to cleanse the bowel and eliminate toxins. Cascara sagrada is rich in a compound known as anthraquinone that instigates the contraction of intestinal walls, which in turn promotes healthy bowel activity Cascara sagrada also contains compounds that promote the strengthening of the muscles in the intestinal lining, which are necessary for healthy and regular elimination of waste and toxins. This, combined with its laxative effect, makes cascara sagrada one of the most effective colon cleansing herbs known to man, and one that will help keep your system protected against  GMOdamage.

5) Wild burdock root. A powerful blood-cleansing agent, wild burdock root is relatively easy to obtain, and simple to take. An aggressive diuretic, wild burdock root is strong enough to rid the body of even hard-to-reach toxins, including GMOs residues and associated pesticide and herbicide chemicals. Burdock root also helps cleanse parasites, heavy metals, bacteria, and other toxins from the blood, and is often used to treat chronic bacterial and viral infections such as Lyme disease. (
Especially when used in conjunction with other powerful cleansing herbs such as dandelion root, red clover blossom, aloe vera, cayenne, and garlic clove, burdock root is powerful enough to cleanse not only your blood supply, but also your liver, your skin, and your digestive tract of many harmful toxins, including GMOs.