International Health Insurance

Insurance Consultants International is a leading supplier of global health and travel plans. It is our goal to access your insurance needs and using our 13+ years of experience help find a plan that suit your needs and budget. As always it is our priority to give you Personal Attention Delivered Worldwide.

Meet the Team at Insurance Consultants International 

Kristen Butler 

VP Client Relations & Marketing
Kristen Butler was born in Louisiana and raised in Spring, Texas. She graduated from Baylor University in 2004 with a BA in Telecommunications with an emphasis in Digital Film and Media. She is the oldest daughter of Craig and Linda Robinson, and began working full-time with Insurance Consultants International in 2006, when she and her husband, Matt, moved to Colorado to be closer to family. Starting as the main short-term group/individual processor for ICI, she learned the insurance industry and now is the VP Client Relations & Marketing to incorporate her knowledge of insurance, marketing, social media and websites. She has two sons and still continues to do free-lance video work for Christian organizations such as Compassion International and local churches.

Mark Sneed

Vice President of Sales
Mark was born in Georgia, grew up in Colorado and has moved back and forth across the country many times since college.  Most recently he has moved back to Colorado from Arizona and enjoys all that “God’s Country” has to offer including skiing, hiking, biking, and volunteering as a ski coach with the Special Olympics.  He is a graduate of Southwest Baptist University, a veteran of the US Army and the father of 5 great kids. Having lived in Turkey; traveled to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, Greece, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland; and served on mission trips in Japan, Ecuador and Turkey, Mark is well versed in the needs of international travelers and expatriates.  Mark also brings many years insurance experience to ICI, having been in the insurance business since 1994, and he is available to find solutions to any type of international health insurance need, whether it is for individuals or groups; short or long term stays.  So wherever your travels take you feel free to contact Mark via phone or email.

Lynette Rempel
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 Office Manager, Producer
Lynette Rempel was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She attended Travel & Transport travel school just after graduating from high school and became a travel agent. In 2001, after switching career focus, she worked in the Insurance industry for agencies such as American Reliable Flood, AFLAC, State Farm, and Allstate, giving her over 11 years of experience in the travel and insurance industry. During this time, Lynette and her husband, Shadrach, moved to Colorado.  She joined the Insurance Consultants International team in 2011. Lynette brings her experience and excellent leadership skills to ICI. She is the office manager and serves the needs of travelers taking short and long term trips throughout the world. Lynette is on the board for Yobel International and is the co-founder of the Refugee Resource Center.  In 2010, she and her husband decided to foster children instead of having their own, and have welcomed 3 sisters from Burma and 3 siblings from Nepal into their family.

Renewal Information

Insurance Consultants International would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to administer your international health insurance needs. We sincerely hope that you did not have to use the insurance. Hopefully that implies that you were healthy and free from injury. In the event you did have to file a claim, as your insurance agent, we would be interested in your experiences. Please email Lynette  if you need any assistance.


Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind while filing a claim.

Know your Plan!

Study your plan and read the fine print. Call us if you have question because its our goals to make sure you know what is covered.

Always use your medical ID card when you receive treatment. If your plan requires pre-certification prior to treatment, follow the pre-certification guidelines.

Document Everything!

ALWAYS keep receipts of all medical care received. You need to submit all claims to the insurance company within 90 days of the medical care received, even if you have not reached your deductible. When submitting claims always submit a SIGNED “Claim Form” that is provided by your insurance company along with copies of all receipts.

If you have questions about claims, you have an e-mail address on your Medical ID card so you can e-mail the company with your questions. All claim matters are handled by the insurance company through their claims departments. These people specialize in handling claims and deal with thousands of clients every year .Insurance brokers do not get involved in claims, but we are here to help assist in the process of filing the claim and getting status updates.

Be Patient!

Be patient and persevere in getting the information requested to the company. If you accept from the beginning that reimbursement on your claims may take four to six weeks, it is easier to accept the delay.